Welcome to Our Exciting New Term

We are pleased to announce our new courses for Term 1 2018, and we believe there is something that will entertain, engage and inform everyone. 

Copies of our printed newsletter can be collected at ArtsCape during office hours (see below) and at Wynyard library (LINC) and also at our grand launch (again see below).

Office Hours:          Our office is open every Friday from 10:00 to 12:00 at                                           25 Jackson Street.  Please come along if you have any                                              questions, wish to take out a membership, or (after                                                  February 16) enrol in courses.

Grand Launch       Wednesday, 14 February, at 2:00 pm in the Showground                                       Hall, Jackson Street.  See what U3A Wynyard has in                                               store this year, meet tutors, enjoy a chat over a cuppa                                             and biscuits.

Enrolment Dates      This year we have departed from our previous                                                           practice of allowing enrolments at the Grand Launch.                                             Enrolments will only be accepted on or after                                                             February 16, either in person at our office on Fridays                                               (see above), or online or via postal mail.  Full                                                             enrolment details will be found on this website                                                         (under the Membership heading)