When:          Monday November 13, 20 (2 sessions), 2:00 – 4:00

Where:        ArtsCape, 45 Jackson Street                           Presenter:    Barry Gardner

Not Just Numbers (And Not Just Adding and Multiplying)

There are many operations beyond just addition and multiplication — some of them interesting. Moreover, there are operations for other things than numbers. These ideas, among others, will be explored and we shall have something to say about football scores and logic.

A Taste of Geometry.

Which is closer to Smithton, Mawbanna or Rocky Cape? It depends what you mean by “close” and how you determine distance. We’ll have a look at this, and see that there are many different “distances” (though they share some common features), and many that are useful.  Geometry is connected to distances and some distances make rather novel geometry. We return to more familiar geometry to address the questions; Must a roller have circular cross section, and can a drill be designed which makes square holes?