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2018 Course Enrolment Form

Semester 2

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Due to limited numbers in some courses, and to ensure that everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to take as many of the courses they choose as possible, we are asking you to prioritise the courses you select:  "1" for your first choice, "2" for your second and so on.   You will be given top priority for your first five choices, and places in the rest if they are available after the first priorities of others have been allocated.

You do not need to enrol for the following:

Individual Serendipity courses since they can accommodate as many as choose to take them.  However, we do suggest you separately write down the ones you intend attending.

However, if you intend attending any of these, we ask you to tick the box at the end of the list of courses.

Capped Courses:

Anatomy & Physiology
Armchair Travel
Art with Sally Sadler
Book Club #1 (ongoing from 2017)
Book Club #2
Chess - How to beat your grandchildren
Cooking With Curie
Doctor's Rocks Treasure Hunting
Flowerdale Flowers Excursion
Fossil Bluff: What the rocks tell us about climate change
Harmonica for Beginners
How Language Began
Introduction to Digital Film Making
Kitchen Knife Skills
Maths for Grandparents
Politics in the 21st Century
Scottish Country Dancing
SED Industry Visit
The Magic of Watercolour
Why Things Happen

Please tick the following if you intend attending.  These will not be counted among your preferences.

Serendipity Series (any sessions)
Ukulele and Singers Jam (Please place an X if selecting)