Welcome to U3A Wynyard 2024, for another exciting and diverse program.

**Universe of Paper: Winter Workshops at The Watershed**

This series of workshops is being run by the creator – Stephanie Reynolds. After a long successful career in the business world, Stephanie Reynolds has reignited an old passion of designing and making couture. Now, she works mostly with paper. She opened her first solo exhibition at a north-west Tasmanian gallery in October 2023. Six of her recent works — all inspired by the Victorian era — are on show at the Queen Victorian Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston as part of an exhibition called Rise.
Stephanie is running multiple workshops along the northwest coast as a special community project that will fill Devonport’s Market Square Pavilion with an immersive paper art installation that you can be part of! Universe of Paper will be launched on the night of the Paper on Skin™ gala.
Join these sessions to bring her forest of paper to fruition. Stephanie is a powerhouse of energy and inspiration. It will be a great experience to work with her.
More information at paperonskin.com and on the attached flyer.

There are no skill sets required to participate and guests are welcome to attend.

June 12 10.00-1.00 Day 1 – Making Paper Sheets
Learning about how paper is made and producing sheets of paper that will be used later in the course. Led by Darren from Creative Paper at the Watershed ($5 levy maximum 12 people)

June 19 10.00-1.00 Day 2 – Pulp Painting
Learning the techniques to produce a pulp painting that will be incorporated into the final installation. Led by Darren from Creative Paper at the Watershed ($5 levy maximum 12 people)

June 26 + July 3 10.00-1.00 Days 3 & 4 Culmination
Using previously made sheets to build a range of paper objects of different levels of complexity – Led by Stephanie Reynolds ($5 levy maximum 20)

You can enrol in several ways:
• All workshops
• Day 1 and /or Day 2 only
• Day 3 and Day 4 only
Enrol by email to u3awynyard@gmail.com.

This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia, Regional Arts Australia, and RANT Arts with Paper on Skin™ major partner – Devonport City Council.


June 5 2.00-3.30 A Musical Treat.
Come along and help celebrate another successful U3AW semester!

Four U3AW musical groups will celebrate their passion with a concert as our end-of-semester event. Rounders, Ukulele, Harmonica and Strut Your Stuff participants will all perform … followed by a special end of semester afternoon tea.
This is an open session, and guests are very welcome. Enrol by email to u3awynyard@gmail.com.


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This Week’s Sessions

All sessions held at the Wynyard Showground Reception Centre unless otherwise stated. Refer to the U3AW Semester 1 Program for full details of all sessions.

Tuesday 21 May
9.30-12.30 WynJammers Ukes Group Mike Dixon Vacancies
Meets each Tuesday in the Poultry Clubrooms. Both experienced and basic players fit very well into this low key, very relaxed group. Includes beginner session, jam session for all and picking. Singers are also very welcome.
Poultry Clubrooms, Showground Complex

Wednesday 22 May
10.00-12.00 When We Move, Our Story Moves With Us Chris Mead Vacancies
After working with people living with dementia and their families, our award-winning presenter will discuss film making with people transitioning to aged care and his findings in collaborative storytelling and it’s impact on wider society.
2.00-4.00 Appreciating Art 1 Heather Ebbott Vacancies
Heather will lead us through the Uffizi Gallery in Florence revealing the variety of art treasures there.

Thursday 23 May
10.00-12.00 Community Climate Resilience by Design 2 Cheryl Durrant No Vacancies
In small groups, participants will be guided through a design jam session to develop a deeper understanding of the climate change risks facing NW Tassie in 2030 and possible solutions.
12:15-1:45 Harmonica Jam Sharon Morris Vacancies
Join the Harmonica Jam for short, sweet sessions of harp music.
Poultry Clubrooms, Showground Complex
2.00-4.00 Cryptic Crosswords 1 Bonnie and Buzz Buzolic Vacancies
Learn the fundamental techniques to recognise cryptic crossword clue types and formulate the answers. Work together to solve a basic puzzle.

Friday 24 May
1.00-3.00pm Talking the Topic Heather Ebbott No Vacancies
Participants chose a book based on differing topics. Lively discussions ensue!
Poultry Clubrooms, Showground Complex

If you would like to attend any sessions with vacancies and haven’t yet enrolled, just send us an email at u3awynyard@gmail.com with your request.