Another Exciting Semester ……


We are now up and running and well into our second semester of 2021.


Thank-you, keep calm, and carry on…

Due to increased bookings in the hall, we now need to pack up all chairs and move them to the store room
every Monday and Thursday afternoon. Thank you to those who have helped do this in the past — we need
your help again.

We are lucky to be in Tasmania, but let’s keep doing our bit to stay safe. We need to continue with our
covid safe procedures:

1. If you feel at all unwell, please stay home
2. Everyone needs to check-in every session. If you don’t have a phone with the Check-In Tas app, we
can manually sign you in, or another person can add you to their check-in
3. Please hand sanitise on entering the building, before tea/coffee break, and before handling items on
the trade table.
4. Practise social distancing of 1.5m where possible
5. Place all used cups and utensils in the white buckets provided
6. Follow sanitising procedures in each toilet cubicle
7. Please note that as we are limited in the number of people we can have in the hall – you MUST enrol
for EVERY session you wish to attend. If you feel like attending another session after you’ve done your
enrolment, a simple email to U3A will be fine. Likewise – if you wish to bring a guest – check if there’s room.