Welcome to U3A Wynyard 2023, for another exciting and diverse program.

Semester 1, 2023

     The program, once again, is looking fantastic, with a wide range of topics and excursions.

The updated Program at a Glance (PAAG), newsletter, session outlines and enrolment details will be available from

Friday February 3rd

We look forward to seeing you and hope you are inspired by the upcoming sessions, which will start on

March 6th, 2023.


Save the date: Wednesday May 17: Frank Croucher Memorial Presentation

Last year Frank Croucher made a small bequest to U3AWynyard. The committee resolved to spend some of this bequest in a way Frank would appreciate. And that was when the idea of the Frank Croucher Memorial Presentation evolved.

A notable Tasmanian speaker, engaged in an important field of study, will be invited to give the presentation each year.

Our inaugural speaker is Dr. David Hocking, Senior Curator of Vertebrate Zoology and Palaeontology at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart. The presentation will be held on the morning of Wednesday May 17th from 10-12pm and will be open to the public. In the afternoon, if there is sufficient interest, Dr Hocking will discuss fossils provided by U3A members and talk about some of his work.

David is a leading expert on the evolution of Australian and Southern Ocean marine mammals. His work combines traditional palaeontology and natural history with cutting-edge technology to better understand how animals work and why they behave like they do. Beyond the water’s edge, his work also extends to exploring behaviour and biomechanics in snakes, wombats, devils and Australia’s extinct marsupial megafauna.

These sessions should be a fascinating start to this exciting presentation series.