Grants, Sponsorship and Support

  • Waratah-Wynyard Council

       U3A Wynyard gratefully acknowledges the receipt of a start-up grant of $750 from              Wynyard-Waratah Council to assist with initial expenses at the time of formation;                also of a grant of $1800 to fund the purchase of a data projector, portable screen,                guillotine and laminator and a grant of $2000 in 2018 to procure a sound system.

       Thanks are also due for printing our newsletters for terms 1 and 2, 2017.

       We also wish to thank the following kind and generous supporters:

  •  Roger and Bev Badcock for ongoing assistance with all matters pertaining to             computers.
  • A big thank you to Ricky Burr from RMB Electrical Somerset for his generous help in ensuring the safety of our equipment.
  • Justine Keay  MP for donating two whiteboards.
  •  Ruth Forrest MLC  for being an enthusiastic advocate for U3AW since the initial  launch, plus providing office support with publicity and generous photocopying support.
  •  Libraries Tasmania Wynyard  for ongoing support in many ways.
  • Fay Hulme for kindly allowing us to use some of her wonderful photographs as website banners
  • The Wynyard Show Society