Be your own Delphic Oracle

When:      Monday May 20, 27  (2 sessions)                2:00 – 4:00

Where:    Showground Hall                                            Presenter:    Annie Heyes

Getting to “know thyself” and “the meaning of life” 

A lightly-guided, personalised workshop, with DIY exercises both fun and philosophical.  Identifying your personal strengths; goal-setting; clarifying your own meaning of life.  With a brief synopsis of reflections from a few Western and Eastern philosophers.  Two sessions, with only a little bit of homework): Please bring a notebook/paper and pencil/pen to class.

Session 1 (2 hrs)

Course description and expectations.  Brief synopsis of reflections on the meaning of life from a few selected philosophers of both Western and Eastern schools of thought.

DIY exercises (approx. 15 – 20 min each in class):

  1. Listing personal strengths and aspects of self in need of further work or refinement
  2. Setting personal goals: 1 year; 3 to 5 years; lifetime/into the future
  3. Writing a short essay on your personal meaning of life (roughly 50 to 350 words)

Session 2 (2hrs):

Anyone wishing to is welcome to share their personal goals or essay either with the class at large or, alternatively, we could break up into small groups of 4 to share within more intimate groups.

DIY exercise 1:  Design your own personal coat of arms (Pattern provided. Please bring coloured pencils/textas, if possible.)

DIY exercise 2:  Design your own picture/collage of what your ideal life will look like next year or within the next 3 to 5 years (If possible, please bring magazines to cut up, a larger than A4 size paper/plain cardboard/poster board, scissors, glue stick, coloured pencils/textas.)

Anyone wishing to, is welcome to share their finished projects with the class at large or within smaller groups of 4, as before.