Reaching for the Stars

When:    Wednesdays, Sept. 4 and 11       10:00 to noon (2 sessions)

Where:  Wynyard Showground Hall                       

Presenter:  Alan Wright

Reaching for the Stars is a 2-part mini-series. For many thousands of years, we humans have gazed up at the sky, pondering such questions as: how far away is the Moon? what powers the Sun? the nature of the stars, and why the planets move in such mysterious ways.

In the first talk, entitled “A brief history of Astronomy”, Alan takes us on a fascinating journey exploring the history of how we humans have viewed our Universe, and striven to understand it, over many thousands of years.

In the second talk, “A Brief History of Spaceflight”, we move on to explore the enthralling story of our attempts over the last century to leave planet Earth in order to discover the Universe at first hand, possibly as a place where we will find our future home.