Diamonds: The pleasure and perils of buying a diamond

When:                Monday May 20                                            10:00 – 12:00 noon

Where:              Wynyard Showground Hall                         Presenter:  Jeanette Cavenagh

A brief history of DeBeers and how the diamond market operates; the four C’s and understanding a diamond certificate; the risks of buying a diamond online, and “blood diamonds”. Bring along a limit of two items of jewellery of any kind, old or new, to be checked.  You may have a “treasure” tucked away.

Join the increasing crowd of people who have learned to play this simple and enjoyable instrument. Learn the basic chords and start to play and sing. If you have them, bring along your own ukulele and music stand. Talk to the tutor before buying a new (cheap) ukulele.

After the beginner classes, you can join the continuation group which meets weekly.