Past Lives 1: Intriguing stories from our members

When:     Thursday, Sept. 12      10:00 to noon (1 session)

Where:    Wynyard Showground Hall

Presenters:  Janet Sell and Gerri Lyall

Janet Sell  – The Adventures of a Tourist Nurse. Highlights from work experiences in the frozen north of Canada to the rainforests of Strathgordon and the West Coast of Tasmania; to the British corporate world of Social Policy and introduction of EU Telecommunications Environmental Regulations. (Brexit will not be featured.)

Gerri LyellI never meant to do it.  Life experienced by a person with absolutely no planning ability whatsoever. In the late 1960’s, I set off with four friends to work my way around Australia, following a circuit of mostly seasonal work which included prawning, fruit-picking and hotel work. We experienced many interesting situations and some unusual characters along the way. I also learned to “go with the flow”. I hope you will be amused and interested in the rest of my story, of how the “flow” finally led to Wynyard.