Past Lives

When:      Thursday April 11 (1 session)           10:00 – 12 noon

Where: Wynyard Showground Hall      Presenters:  Janet Boland & Graeme Weatherley

Countless friendships and new connections are made at U3AW, but there are still many intriguing and surprising stories we don’t know. Our first two guests in this new series will share experiences from their past lives.

Janet Boland  Intercountry Adoption – the process, the outcomes and the future.

I worked as a Child Protection Worker and an Adoption Worker for over 38 years in the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services.   The Department was the responsible body for intercountry adoption in the State.  Part of my role in adoption was to work with adoptees, prospective adoptive parents, their families and overseas adoption agencies. From arriving in Burnie as a new University graduate to being responsible for all adoptive practices on the North West Coast was an amazing journey.  Along the way, the people I encountered were a hugely diverse group but with whom I was privileged to share that experience – well, most of the time.

Graeme Weatherley LifeMoves: Amidst the beauty, the wonder and the opportunity of life, the arrow of sadness and regret misses no one. After a great tragedy, Graeme lost hope and perspective. He developed LifeMoves as a means of building purpose and resilience back into his life – and into the lives of others. LifeMoves covers those times in our life when the going gets really tough, when not every day but tragic loss. major traumas and challenges present. Living experiences that truly test our spirit, our beliefs our inner strength and our ability to accept and best recover. An example being the loss of a loved one, especially at young age or in their prime or middle age.  It is a harrowing time that rips hard as possibly others in this room can attest. (Another example being a planned or forced major change in your living environment with a significant character and behaviour adjustment required to (re)engage in the community in an expected, accepted and personally beneficial way.) As tough and testing as they are, it is through these times that we can come to better understand and befriend our-self, others and life. From these times we can emerge with a renewed and reinforced determination to personally improve and develop, to become a better person – to make a difference.