List of Classes – Semester 1, 2020

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The classes shown in blue are capped;  this means that there will be a maximum class size.  When filling in the enrolment form, whether manually or online, you will need to list these classes in order of preference.  It’s really quite simple – just follow the instructions on the form.

Excursion: Vestiges of our glacial past

Harmonica Jam

Tai Chi for Beginners

Serendipity:  The Story Behind an Australian Story

Ukulele and Singers Jam

The North-West Coast by Time Travel

Birds of the Region (RPT)

Armchair Travel: Tasmanian Discovery

Clogging for Beginners

Excursion: Remnant Vegetation of Wynyard; a botanical walk

Serendipity: Rural Alive and Well (RAW)

Film Appreciation

Excursion: Bird Identification at Tiabunna

Serendipity:  The Future Dairy Farm and the Role of Precision Technology

Writing Poetry

Armchair Travel: Roads Less Travelled in Europe

Book Group

Excursion: Bus Tour of Historic Hampshire & Surrey Hills

Serendipity:  NW Community Legal Centre: Who we are, what wedo andlegalissues that affect us all

More Joy: More Jazz

Serendipity:  The Story of Two Songs

Working with Analytical X-rays

Armchair Travel:  Taste of Sri Lanka

Talking the Topic — our other book group

Serendipity:  Join the Pain Revolution: Re-think pain, re-engage, recover


As We Grow Older…

Excursion: Redbank Farm

Serendipity:  My Life as an Artist

Wynyard Pictorial History

Armchair Travel:  Title to be announced

My Great Great Grandfather was a Convict

Serendipity:  Rome – Treasure House of Architecture and Art

Pick ’em, Don’t Strum ’em

Theatre Antics

Digital Mentor Training

Serendipity:  Geological Microscopy and Tasmania from the Air

Armchair Travel:  Any Way But Flying

Excursion: Forico Nursery

Get up and move

Serendipity:  What a crack-up!

More of Shakespeare’s Hidden Gems

Serendipity:  Return to the Middle Kingdom (apologies to the Jedi)

Botanical Art

Armchair Travel:  Christmas and Cocos Islands Visit

Serendipity:  The Century Quest for Gravitational Waves

The Great Outdoors: white water rafting in Queensland to sea kayaking in Antarctica

Serendipity:  Four Amazing Men

Introduction to Qigong

Armchair Travel: title to be announced

Understanding Personality Type

Serendipity: The Future for Feeding the World