The North-West Coast by Time Travel

When:      Wednesday, October 2, 9, 16       10:00 to noon (3 sessions)

Where:     Wynyard Showground Hall                     

Presenter:      Brian Rollins

Brian Rollins has been researching since 1985 the first years of European settlement of the northwest coast.  Since 1997 he has conducted around two dozen daylong coach tours as far as Westbury, the Surrey Hills and Circular Head dealing with aspects of the Van Diemens Land Company exploration and settlement from 1826.

Brian’s sessions will be in the form of armchair time travel back to the period when Aborigines still roamed free, when no towns existed this side of Launceston, and when the nomenclature we take for granted today was first recorded.

The first session will deal with the part choice and chance plays in our lives and how a pure piece of serendipity led to over three decades of an absorbing passion.  One discovery in the historical Surrey Hills grew into far more.  The processes involved and the early history of the area will be explained as we flit back and forth between past and present.

The second session will cover the early VDL Co involvement east of Emu Bay and the Surrey Hills. Between 1826 and 1828 very extensive exploration was carried out by the VDL Co which was ultimately of no avail to the Company except the opening of the track from Emu Bay, over the Black Bluff Range to Launceston, the first “Bass Highway”.

The third session will cover exploration west of Emu Bay and the opening of the Company’s track along the coast to Circular Head past the newly named Inglis River and Freestone Cove.  There will be a reasonable focus on the Wynyard region.