Ukulele: Fingerpicking and Fingerstyle

When:      Monday March 25 – May 27  (7 sessions)       10:00 – 12 noon

Where:     Wynyard Showground Hall                              Presenter:  Margaret Cartwright

Most beginning ukulele players learn to strum chords on their instrument as an accompaniment to singing. In this course you will learn how to play musical notes on a ukulele either as chords in arpeggio form with which to accompany singing or as a melody by plucking individual strings rather than strumming across strings. This is known as fingerpicking. In fingerstyle ukulele the instrument is unaccompanied by singing and may involve plucking two or more strings simultaneously to produce pleasing melodic sounds.

You may expect to make music in ensemble with some players fingerpicking a melody while others play a harmony and perhaps with a third group strumming a backing part. Sometimes singing may be involved but mostly the playing will be purely instrumental.

The course is suitable for players who are able to confidently strum at least four chords on a ukulele. Anyone who has completed a U3A beginner ukulele course will meet this pre-requisite as will anyone self-taught to this level. Participants will be expected to practise at home techniques covered in each session.