What Can I Learn?

Just about anything!  Whatever you want to learn and whatever we can find someone to teach.

Don’t let the word “university” put you off.  We have sessions that will expand your mind (or relax it), exercise your bodies, teach new skills, introduce new hobbies or invigorate existing ones, open fresh horizons, introduce you to new friends.  There are no exams or entry requirements – except an enquiring mind.

If there is something you would like to learn – let us know!  If you can think of someone who might teach it, ask them to contact us, or get us to make the approach.  This is YOUR U3A. YOU can help us make it whatever YOU want it to be.

New semester 2, 2023 session descriptions will soon be available.

Click Detailed Description of All Sessions to view full details of all the sessions we are offering in Semester 2, 2023

If you wish to see what we have offered in past years (and possibly request a repeat of any that take your fancy), please click here to view 2015 – semester 1, 2023 sessions   

Please inform us if there are any sessions you would like repeated.