President’s Report, March 2019

Given by Rees Campbell at the 2019 AGM

Welcome to the 2019 AGM for U3A Wynyard.

Generally a president’s report includes highlights and lowlights of the previous year – but there have not yet been any lowlights, so I’ll just have to focus on how wonderful U3AWynyard has been, and continues to be..

Our membership numbers continue to creep up – which is perfect as we couldn’t deal with a sudden huge increase. Welcome to our 30 new members for 2019. We have 149 memberships already this year – up 7 from the 142 this time last year, and 38 tutors – up 4 from the 34 2018.

What has leapt us has been our participation rate – many members are now enrolling in at least 8 classes – with lots reaching double figures and one person enrolled in 21 separate classes this year!

The one negative this has had, is that most of our capped classes filled within the first day of enrolment! However, another highlight is the amazing flexibility and dedication of our team of tutors – within two days of enrolment I was able to advise members we now had extra tai chi, breadmaking, words, Murnong garden walk and Fossil Bluff excursion sessions…and extended numbers in Land information and demystifying music. I do reinforce the need for people who need to cancel to contact Gen Morris – our stalwart session co-ordinator, as a couple of people on wait lists have already missed out.

The current committee is a fabulous team. We work long and hard to keep our volunteer organisation as professional as we can, the program inspiring and challenging as well as entertaining. I’m delighted to say that all members of the current committee have been nominated to continue in their roles for at least another year.

And our program continues to delight and inform us all. This semester we offer 41 classes with 28 single session presentations to 14 weeks of German – the longest semester course yet . All classes received interest, with not a single class unviable due to lack of enrolment.

This increase in class enrolment has been made possible by our move to the showground hall, but it does mean we are sailing extremely close to the wind in terms of finances. Our membership is currently our only means of revenue….and it only just covers the cos of venue hire and tea and biscuits. We consider the morning and afternoon tea an extremely valuable part of U3A, social interaction being rated by our members (and reflecting various research papers on aging) very highly.

So, we have decided to keep fees as they are for 2019 because we want U3A to be accessible to all members of our community, and to keep providing biccies and tea. However, we will be considering various fundraising activities – so we would appreciate any offers to organise events etc.

So, now is the time to sign off for 2018. All positions are now vacant, and I’ll hand over to Richard Muir-Wilson to do his bit.